A Simple Light Bulb


A Simple Light Bulb. Solar Light

Manila, Phillipines

Illac Diaz creator of ‘Liter of Light’

  • Purpose of the design/design concept

This design is essentially a discarded plastic soda bottles filled with water and wedged in a hole cut in the roof. However looking at it with a finer lens, it not only is a makeshift bulb (that is able to give off about 55 watts of light with NO ELECTRICITY INVOLVE), it also repurposes materials. More importantly, waste materials.

  • Interesting aspect about the design/process

It re-uses materials, adding another cycle to a once cradle to grave plastic bottle. The main reason why plastic is such a problem is because of its longevity and strength, taking many many many years to break down. This project turns this negative into a positive

  • Why you like it

The reasons why I like this design is because of two things. One; It is simplistic and can be applied and more importantly, given access to the majority (if not every) single house hold in third world/ developing countries. Secondly, from a complete utilitarian aspect, the light bulbs work during the day for one sole purpose; to illuminate dimm areas and does that one purpose quiet well. One area where this concept falls short on is the selective nature of timing.
Link: http://www.npr.org/2011/12/28/144385288/in-philippine-slums-capturing-light-in-a-bottle


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