Jesika Tirtanimala’s Rantang Collection

Jesika Tirtanimala’s Craft Tea

Jesika Tirtanimala’s tableware designs incorporates her decorative pieces with a mix of tradition and a contemporary edge. Her inspiration for this lunch carrier was drawn from the shape of a woman’s handbag, taking on the tradition Indonesian drinking vessel. This ceramic dish set is carried or locked together within a recycled teak wood frame. Tirtanimala carries a passion for food, culture, craft and her preferred material, ceramic. She was born in Indonesia’s Bandung, a city known for its rapid growth and diversity in the contemporary art scene.


Along with her lunch carrier, Jesika designed a kendi, a traditional drinking pot. This vessel consists of two openings – a mouth and a mouth. When pouring, the user is required to hold the wooden handle/neck of the product which is held in place through a triangle locking system. With a combination of two different materials, ceramic and wood, Tirtanimala was able to show audiences a constant and continuous appreciation of ceramic material with a touch of wood that captures some cultural aspects of Asia.


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