My initial research

Project 1

Designer: Thalmic Lab Staff

Project: Controlling armband MYO


Purpose: Interact with digital, virtual environment thought the body gesture and physical motion of arm’s muscles. Replace mouse’s controlling and its limitations.

Interesting poins: It is very futuristic, simple, flexibility, mobility. It is an evolution for working space, no sitting at one place, clicking mouse. Interact with huge outside world, digital world. More potential uses. Esspecially for designers

Self opinion: I think it is an evolution for many people within this year. It could change many things from our daily living activities, education, designs, economy, and millitaries. It look like a hoax idea that come from Starwar, Iron Man or the other kinds of Hollywood’s movie. But it is true. I found a lot of familiar points between MYO arm band’s uses with the way that Tony Stark interact with the degital world to design his armour in Iron Man. I think we will see it next year at RMIT for advance design.





Project 2

Designer: Honda

Project: ASIMO


Purpose: Smart multi-functional electrical assistant, at begginning, ASIMO is used to help the people who are lack of mobility to learn. Than later on, it was used to do many different missions under romote controller, PC or voice control.

Interesting poins: It is futuristic, reasonable, especially for the elder people. Its main function is used to help people improve life quality. ASIMO is a perfect assistant for education, midical treatment or for the extreme dangerous mission as in Fukushima.


In my opinion, ASIMO is a good beginning for human to come into the millenium of automatic machine. Personally, I love Doraemon, a manga comic of a 22nd century robot came back to 20th century to help a boy. He had many advanced technologies. That inspired me and ASIMO like a dawn to me to alluminate my view of how we build a futuristic world as in the comic or do better.




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