Starbucks coffee by Kengo Kuma


Japanese architect Kengo Kuma designed a Starbucks coffee at Dazaifutenmangu in Fukuoka, Japan. Dazaifutenmangu is one of the largest shrines in Japan and about 2 million people visit the shrine every year.  Kuma’s aim was to design a cafe that harmonizes with the traditional environment. This is the first time that Starbucks coffee outsources their architectural project.

This is truly a unique approach towards a typical Starbucks coffee café that we see so often nowaday. What really fascinates me is the way you are able to recognise the Asian design influence that have incorporated into the café. By using an array of wooden sticks stacked over each other forming a repetitive pattern, it really creates a connection with nature and the harmonious environment, which I often see in designs that engages around Asia.


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