Asian Design Projects

Balinese furniture producer – Cempaka Bali

They seek to capture the essence of Balinese life through the use of readily available materials. Each piece is said to pay homage to previous artisans who passed their skills onto the next generation. Using materials such as bamboo, teak, mahogany and rattan gives the furniture its worn and rustic look. They also seek to incorporate a western aesthetic through expert craftsmanship and modern processes.

The furniture is designed in Bali for resorts, restaurants and hotels. They also design for private use and are able to ship worldwide. There is definitely a market for Balinese furniture as people seem to want the rustic look in their homes. It gives that “I’m on holiday” type of feel. I think the design works because it’s not too complicated. They like to recycle large pieces of wood and other materials as well, which is a big plus. Having visited Bali a couple of times, it is definitely what i would call authentic looking. Simple design and understated. Beautiful to look at and interact with.


Chinese car company hire Ferrari car designer –¬†Leonardo Fioravanti

As the car industry in Asia grows, so does the demand for European designers. Fioravanti as worked with other companies including, Alfa Romeo and Mercedes. This is how serious the industry is becoming in that region. They are hiring one of the designers of the car of all car brands to come up with their new designs. Whilst the manufacturing of automobiles is largely taking place in Asia, companies are increasingly looking to hire contractors to give their cars the edge that they need. the European styling is what will help define their product from the next. This area of employment offers great opportunities for Australian automotive designers to gain work in China and India. Whilst the cars are designed for sale and use in Asia I think we will start to see a distinguished “Asian” automotive design over the next five to ten years.




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