Japanese designer Satoshi Umeno has a massive collection of household items that are are quite unique and seem to of a high quality. In a lot of the descriptions it explains how they are are handmade by highly skilled craftsmen.
I have been noticing this a lot and although I do not doubt it the quality, I do wonder what the actual manufacturing process was and who did it.
From what I am beginning to see these tags like ‘made by craftsmen’ and ‘traditional techniques’ are already quite a craze.
I wonder how true it is and if not, are they stealing a market that genuinely do want these products from the truly local craftsmen and women who do not have the same status as educated designers?

I think this would be more of an issue in mainland Asia than in Japan. I’m still yet to find some really strong connections between a designer and a local region or particular group of people.

Im not trying to rip into this guy, it does look like awesome stuff but its just a thought.


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