Chapter 2: The future of Asia to 2025 v. Executive summary

After reading though Chapter two of the Australia in the Asian Century White paper and comparing it to the executive summary, i have developed an understanding of certain tactics that the Australian population may take advantage of to ensure that they are an integral part of Asia’s growth in the coming decades.

I found that in the Summary, Emphasis was put on the fact that Australia should secure a position by Asia’s side (China and India being the most commonly refereed to) to ensure that our economy benefits from both a consumer and production standpoint. Chapter 2 of the white paper however, seems to speak more of Asia’s future in terms of population and national income. I find it interesting how both of these topics intertwine, as it was stated within the Whitepaper that within the next 2 decades, The average income in Asia will have almost climbed from 1/30th of the average income of the US, to 1/4th. And with such an array of infrastructure being built around the supply of jobs and and businesses within Asia, Australia must find its own way to lend a helping hand. It seems that mere government relations will not keep us within reach of a future economic boom within Asia. Ties will have to be made with businesses big and small. Community groups and private organisations will also play a role in developing a strengthened relationship with our Asian neighbors.


Part 2


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