China Town


China Town, Melbourne Australia.

Little Bourke Street.
Designer: ??? unknown.

China Town was developed in Lieu of the Victorian Gold rush in 1851. Melbourne has one of the biggest Chinese communities and as a geographical location, China town has evolved into a world full of hustle and bustle asian shops and restaurants. For much of the Chinese community, it has evolved into a place where friends and family get together to celebrate various occasions.

China Town, in general, is a well known international icon that has popped up in many locations around the world. This international sprawl is a practical way of accessing the perceived Chinese culture from a western Stand Point. It also allows local Chinese communities to connect with a tangible location that calls to mind a sense of ‘longing’ and ‘home’. In saying this, although it is reminiscent of the oriental culture, the design, from a macro stand point, is ultimately built on the foundations from a westerners view point and  our perception of  China and the General Asian culture. Almost as if its just adorned with anything red and gold and of ‘asian’ description.


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