Folding bike

Folding Bike

No website, from VN EXPRESS News

Designer:  Phạm Văn Tâm, Industrial Design alumni of Hồng Bàng University.



The bike is designed foe one people use, mostly for who love sport


The rotating frame allow the bike to fold almost 180′ 

This prototype was designed in Hồ Chí Minh city, with the inspiration from the eagle. The bike is designed to be friendly environment in the effort of reducing global warming and saving space at parking yard.

In my opinion this design look modernic, compare with the current criterias of modernism, simple, biologic, natural inspiration and friendly environment. Further more,  it meets the current requirements of saving environment, saving space, and quite economic (13,000,000 VND = 650 AUD for building) if it is produced industrially, the cost will be much lower.

Some picture of the bike’s construction.



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