Guan Wei: Between river and lake (Jiang Hu) 2006


The painting is the metaphor of the conflicts between Chinese traditional culture and western culture that economic globalization brought to China. 

The name “Between river and lake (Jiang Hu)” Itself is actually the social that away from government ideology. And in ancient China story, Jiang Hu becomes a world that full of swords man, different schools of Kong Fu (Such as Hua Shan pai, Shao Lin pai), and people live and fight for their own belief. 

And in this painting, the balance consists of cold weapong, Kong Fu was broken by the modern army, they brought Jiang Hu choppers, semi-rifles and destroyers. In the back ground of China Brush and Ink style Shan Shui Hua (Moutain and river painting) the army is approaching and those swords man are surrounded.

It can be seem as Chinese traditional culture are facing the challenge of increasing influence of western culture in China that may threat the existence of traditional culture.


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