Krya – Natural Detergent Powder

Krya - Natural Detergent Powder

Krya is a cruelty free, vegan design firm based in India. Its founders Preethi Sukumaran & Srinivas Krishnaswamy, create natural products as alternatives to the synthetic materials and chemicals used in modern every day consumables.

The Krya Natural Detergent Powder is a washing powder made from Organic Soapberries from a fruit base. Unlike conventional detergents which use petroleum as a base, the run-off from such a detergent has nearly no footprint and is entirely biodegradable.

This product is also for use in top loaders, as well as front loaders, but most importantly can also be used to wash by hand through methods of ‘Bucket washing’, which can be quite prominent in many parts of India. This detergent can be used by hand to wash clothes in a rudimentary fashion, and as it is made from only natural materials (and is also cruelty free/vegan). It complies with many spiritual beliefs of Hindi Culture and removes risk of chemical poisoning. Overall i like the fact that this product has been designed with the target market so well accounted for. A product by designers designing for their own culture.


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