Lets Cafe Latte art/printer + Breathalyzer Watch

A coffee Shop in Taiwan came up with the idea to have a special printer made that sprinkles an edible powder on the coffee creating a very unique image.  The person buying the beverage simple needs to provide a photo and it will be printed.  The idea of this was to generate more interest to the company and boost sales.  This worked very well and is a now a very popular cafe in Taiwan.

(couldn’t get much specific details because the whole page is in “Traditional Han”)



Watch: Kisai Intoxicated by Design group “TokyoFlash”


Watch developed in Tokyo, Japan


The big plus side to this watch is that it makes it simpler for people to check if they are in a state to partake in certain activities or monitor their Blood alcohol reading.   The major negative is the price and the fact that a number of people try to evade the reality of their state to try get away with things like drunk driving.


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