Modern jungle man in Viet Nam

The Vietnamese government have found 2 people, father and son, who have lived almost in total in isolation from the outside world for 40 years. The father, Hồ Văn Thanh, 81 years old, a north Vietnamese veteran, who was suffered and shock before his mother and 2 older children’s death after a US’s bombing operation in 1973. He took his 1 years old son, Hồ Văn Lang and ran into the jungle since then.

After 40 years, the local people met them in August 7, they tried to engage them but unsuccessfully. Finally, another of his son and the governors tracked down their places in the jungle. They live on a hut, supported buy old bamboo tree and a giant ancient tree. They were surprised before the way they lived for 40 years. They lived almost like the prehistorical people thousand years ago.


The hut where they live


They wear the loincloth made from tree bark



They eat corn, fruit and manioc to survive in the jungle


They even made weapon, hand made axes , arrows, bows for hunting.

In my opinion, even in the worst condition, the human still survive and continue inventing, creating to make the better life.



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