Montien Boonma – Lotus Sound

Montien Boonma - Lotus Sound

This Contemporary Art Installation is by Thai Painter Montien Boonma. It is called ‘Lotus Sound’ and attempts to convey the message of fragility and impermanence, feelings evoked within Boonma after the loss of his wife to cancer.

The Buddhist notion that all existence is in a state of constant flow and that nothing is forever, inspired Boonma to re-create this concept using physical materials. Made from stacked Terracotta bells and gilded wood, the structure symbolises the thought that if one bell is to crash to the ground by simply being touched by one of the falling ‘lotus leafs’, it may have an adverse affect on the remaining bells, ending their existence and thus changing the direction or ‘flow’ their life may take. I find this piece interesting as it displays Boonmas own understanding of his Buddhist faith and allows him to express his faith through his own chosen medium; expressing his culture and views on life as a force, something which was instilled into him throughout his life.

*This is a piece for last weeks task as i was having difficulty with my blog*



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