The Influence of Bamboo

Growing in tribes, bamboo is used for many things from food, architecture and furniture design. This plant has impacted across Asian cultures where in China it is one of the “four gentlemen”, in Japan it occasionally protects a shinto shrine from evil and in Vietnam it symbolises the spirit of the Vietnamese martial art form also known as Vovinam. The material itself is known to have the strength of hardwood and the sustainability of grass. Today, bamboo is being utilised in all walks of life such as dinnerware sets as well as clothing!

  • 16-17h Century BC: Bows and arrows, and other household items were made using bamboo
  • 140 BC/134BC and 118BC: Ancient writing tablets (Yinqushan Han Slips) were discovered in burial tombs
  • 1486 AD: Bamboo charcoal was created
  • Today: The shoots, stems and leaves of bamboos make up some animals’ diets such as pandas; Bamboo shoots can also be used in Asian cuisines; It can also be turned into material/fabric

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