Today Art Museum in Beijing



Today Art Museum, located at Beijing’s CBD, was founded in 2002 by Mr. Zhang Baoquan and Su Chen Hsieh as its director. It is the first non-profitable and non-governmental run art museum in China, which offers a new space to Chinese contemporary art.

With their motto “Today not only is now, but also is past and future”, their duty is to impulse Chinese contemporary art by paying attention to the ‘finding and planting’ of young local artists. They engage in exhibitions, research, art bookstore, art education, virtual exhibitions, magazines and they have compiled and published around 300 art books that promote and research Chinese contemporary art.


Architect Wang Hui redesigned the building; from an old industrial boiler house to an avant-garde art space. His idea was to remind us the industrial history of the community while expressing its passion towards a contemporary humanity. The permanent outdoor installation “Viewing the Exhibition” on the roof of the building was designed by artists Wang Jianwei and Wang Hui. 


Something interesting and exciting is the addition of the Today Design Art Museum, initiated by the curator Zhang Zikang and organized by executive director Luo Yi. Today Design Art Museum focuses on Chinese contemporary design under the perspective of globalization. In the near future, it will host more than 100 activities in order to boost the social power of design and mainly to connect Chinese and international contemporary design. 

Digital Art Museum (virtual tour!): 

Today Art Museum: 



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