Asian design projects – Part 2

Kudamemo Fruit-shaped Notepads

They look really cool. In an attempt to introduce a product that can brighten up the day of the average office worker, Japanese design studio D-Bros came up with these great sticky note pads. They even come with their own fruit netting. I like them because firstly they are really useful. They then took the practicality of the object and coupled it with a clever aesthetic. D-Bros mainly focus on items to do with graphic design but also produce stationary but also design and produce glasses, cup and saucers, vases, clocks and fabric.



Chocolate pencils by Nendo

Nendo are a graphic and product deisgn firm based in Tokyo. They also have an office in Milan, Italy. The pencils where designed  in a collaboration with patissier Tsujiguchi Hironobu. The idea was that each of his desserts is a one off, work of art. To create a work of art you need tools. This is where the pencils were designed. They come in varying blends and intensities of cocoa. Again, i really like the practicality of this product. I also like the fact that with the pencil that it is modelled on, the shavings would normally be the useless, discarded artifact. With the chocolate pencils, it’s the opposite!




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