Part Two: Australia’s connection to Asia’s growing markets

The executive summary of the white paper is an interesting short explanation of Australia’s current capabilities, our connections, what we are aiming to achieve and what must be done to achieve our economic and trading goals throughout the Asian region during what is now known as the Asian Century.

When comparing and relating this Summary to Chapter Seven of the White paper, Operating in and connecting to growing Asian markets, a few interesting points arise. They connect the importance of liberalised free trade agreements throughout the region and Australia’s future as a participant in aiding the regions growth and development on both economic and social levels. This connection will in hand stimulate and improve our national economic social development.

It is without doubt that further development in relation to free trade is extremely important to allow us to be completely integrated into the untouched markets of Asia but at the same time it is extremely important that in doing so, we do not jeopardize our local small and medium sized business markets. By creating the correct agreements and regulations it will be possible for all traders from any country to gain the massive advantages and benefits of widening our horizons to create a trading hub that is swift and fast without any party rigging the possible negative outcomes.


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