Cheapest Bat Pod prototype ever

No website, from VN EXPRESS News

Designer:  Tùng Lâm, Motorbike repair shop owner, free designer.

Location: Lạng Sơn province, North Vietnam 

Designed with an old Suzuki motor engine, aluminum scrap, dibonds sheet, 2 old light truck’s wheels. Tùng Lâm surprised many batman fan on the world. With only 10,000,000 VND (480 USD) and great inspiration with batman, Tùng Lâm has made a thing that every body could own. I found it is interesting, because it proves that the passion with scientific, the people could create everything. Therefore I conclude scientific is the seed of new invention, where it grows to sprout and wait for someone to rise up. In addition, base on my current research, I conclude the motorbike industrial design in Vietnam is very potential, with the cheapest fee ever for the stunning project. We could expect the industrial designers in here create more amazing things .  



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