East Timor

After decades of conflict, East Timor is beginning to rebuild but despite the slow urbanisation of the country, the scars still show. About 41% of the population live below the poverty line and despite being so close to Australia, very little is known about this third-world country. East Timor has the potential to grow it’s economy but i believe through desperate decisions made by government and exploitation by other countries, it is stuck in a situation where those other countries dictate the government and economy of East Timor. This is very much a system based on micro-economies and individuals are able to harvest vegetable oils and produce soap that go to feed families. More popular is the tradition ‘Tais’ which is a form of weaving done by women. They play a big part in the cultural heritage of the nation and are used for ceremonies, home decor and personal apparel.

250px-Tais_weaving_in_Lospalos,_East_Timor 681x454


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