Survivor by Dadang Christanto is a performance by contemporary Indonesian-Australian artist Dadang Christanto and continues his interrogation of disaster and its human impact through a performance based on events in the Sidoarjo region of East Java where hot volcanic mud has wiped out 11 nearby villages. Unrelenting, the mud continues subsumed livelihoods, memories and futures.

In this touring performance and exhibition, volunteers will silently occupy the gallery space, covered in mud from the neck down and holding a photographic portrait. Over the course of three hours the participants will maintain a silent vigil, memorialising this catastrophe and its continuing consequences. The performance is followed by a visual exhibition consisting of detritus from the performance, video and photographic documentation memorialising the catastrophe and its ongoing consequences. The imagery of this photograph expresses a very powerful message to the public, with the use of mud covering their bodies it is very symbolic and gives the audience an idea of what had occurred in another country. Capturing the essence of lost and sorrow in the performance.


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