Taiwan Aboriginal Art – Paiwan

Stacy Hsin-Tung Chen

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Paiwan is one of top twelve aborigine people in Taiwan. Paiwan, this name was been provided by Japanese scholars. Paiwan mean human being.

Mainly, they live around south part of taiwan mountain. They believe ”Chinese moccasin“ is their  Mythical creature so you can find many Chinese Moccasin totem and Lilly on their handcraft or their house.  they have the famous skill using stone sheet to build houses and  ancestry used woodcarving to record daily life.

Now, when people see the Chinese Moccasin totem and Lilly, they will realise it is Paiwan traditional art and culture.


Paiwan hunting hat


Traditional braces


Box for divination instruments




Stone house


Paiwan old man with hand tattoos

This tradition was forbidden by the Japanese authorities at the beginning of the 20th century.

Nowadays Taiwan government help them to protect their culture and traditional hand craft.

Paiwan Wisdom – Video

Digital Museum of Taiwan Indigenous People:


Taiwan Aboriginal…

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