Future Living Studio

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Lean Too

The Future Living Studio (FLS -Hanoi) is the third iteration of this research project by the Sustainable Product Innovation Network (SPIN – http://www.spin-asia.org). FLS )(www.futurelivingstudio.com) investigates and embeds sustainable innovation in the local product and manufacturing industry.


It is a multilayered project that looks at end to end cycles of materials, suppliers production processes, user-life and the life after the user. Beyond this the project is developing relationships and exploring how sustainable modes of production can be embedded in industry through cross cultural skills exchange. In affect using this project and client as a prototype for a long term mission to embed and disseminate sustianable practice within Vietnamese product design industry.

This third chapter will be working with our client to develop a product series from bamboo and rattan for a Vietnamese green office. Green offices embed sustainable design and practice in the way in which the office is constructed…

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