Illustrations by ferg


The reason I drew this was to demonstrate how first world countries view poverty in third world countries. Drawing from the first case study in the reading, the writer express that in some villages in India suffered from water sickness but were not bothered by it. Furthermore the writer explains how that water wells are designed and manufactured for the villages but not needed.
My picture is stereotyping a first world view on poverty  towards a group that never needed much help.

I found the paper on the ground.


2 thoughts on “Illustrations by ferg

  1. This is an interesting point that you have raised around the contextually appropriate nature of design. An international development argument would be the water is dirty and hurting these people, so it is in their best interest and it is a matter of education, if they knew the water was killing their children they would opt for it. However for the community who’s education is more important and how do we qualify knowledge?

    It then begs the question how do you do your user research and make sure that is contextually relevant – what methods are there and what are some examples of ‘good’ design? And how universal or specific is ‘good’ design.
    Next time try a little harder with your visual communication! If you like a cartoon style narrative then develop with fineliners or photoshop. Good use of wastepaper

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