part-3: Chinese gardening design history

part-3: Chinese gardening design history

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 A classification of Chinese garden types
In pre-20th century China, gardens were designed as an abstract art inspired by natural landscape, particularly mountain and water scenery. Gardens, understood as aesthetically designed outdoor space infused every aspect of life. This is confirmed by ancient paintings, gantha, archaeology and surviving sites. Different types of space were made for different user groups and the most common Chinese garden types may be classified as follows:
  1. Imperial hunting park
  2. Royal garden (imperial garden)
  3. Temple gardens (including Bhuddhist Garden, Dao Garden and Confucius Garden )
  4. Scholar garden(Private garden)
  5. Cemetery gardens
  6. Natural Scenic Park(Resort park)
  7. College garden
  8. Courtyards

The philosophy of Chinese garden design

Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, are significant aspects of classical Chinese philosophy and together influenced the creation of Chinese Garden. Of the three, Taoism had the greatest influence. Taoist thought generally focuses on nature and on relationships between humanity and the cosmos,in order to…

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