About the Japan

Geography: (1)


Japan is located on the edge of the East of Asian continent,n ext the Pacific coast of Russia and Korean peninsula. There are 4 mains islands(main island Honsu, Hokkaido, Kyusu and Shikoku) with 4000 smaller islands in total territories. 70% of Japan’s teritory is mountainous and only 18% suitable for settlement. Japan is lie on the Pacific Fire Ring, where is one of the most dynamic volcanic eruption and earthquake zone on the world.

Total area: 377,873 km2

Population:  127,078,679 (July 2009 est.)

The isolation of geography also make Japan develop individually with the rest of Asia for a long time.

Economic (1)



Japan ‘s market

GDP per Capital: $33,800

GDP: 4.34 Trillion (2008)

Reborn dramatically after the ruin past of the great war, Japan become on of the most power economic of the world.

Specific Industry


Japan depends on the material import to run its economic due to the lack of mineral. But it is leading the world of robotic technology, auto mobile, transportation, ship building.

Manga, one of Japanese media industry or nonsmoking industry has very large influenced. It is the source to make many industries grow up, media, toy, accessories… This is one of the most unique and identical industry that has a strong impact and attractive to the world. (3)




Isolated with the outside world, but Japanese language is one of the most complex languages on the world with many different writing system with different uses, the language also consist a huge amount of loan words, mostly from Chinese and English (1)

There are two main religions in Japan, Shinto (origine) and Buddism, 1% of population follow Christianity. (1)

Samurai took a crucial role in Japanese society, their principles take an important role in modern business, government and industries, it also affected the world culture.


Historical milestone:

After several centuries of isolation from the outside world. The revolution since Meiji era (1867-1912) changed Japan from a feudal government to a modern nation has turned Japan  into an industrial country, that affected the modern Japan up-to today.(4)



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