East Timor

The Demorcratic Republic of Timor-Leste a.k.a. East Timor is a small island nation located just North-West of Darwin, Australia and is on the right half of the Island called Timor and the left is part of Indonesia. This small country is one of the newest nations to announce is independence after many years under ruling from Portugal and then an invasion from Indonesia where the island was caught in a bloody civil war. During this occupation at least a hundred thousand people were killed and there was severe damage to the infrastructure which has had a profound effect to this day. 37.4% of the population live below the international poverty line and about 50% are illiterate however in 2013 East Timor came in 6th largest in GDP growth.

Capital City: Dili

Population: 1.1 million (2012)

Official languages: Portugese, Tetum

Surface Area: 14,784 sq km

GDP: $1.21 million (2012)

Principle export destinations:

1. United States 43.9%, 2. Germany 25.7%, 3. Singapore 9.1%

Principle import destinations:

1. Indonesia 39%, 2. Singapore 18.3%, 3. Australia 10.2%

Primary religion: Catholicism

Main export products: Coffee, Oil and gas, sandalwood, marbleImageImageImage

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