Introduction of Korea

About the Korea

Geography (2)

The Republic of Korea is a small country peninsula on the far East edge of Asia, between China and Japan.

Land area: 100,211 km2

Population: 51,034,494 , 511 people per km (2)

Most population concentrate in the industrial, big, mega cities.


Economics (1)

GDP:  6.2%

GNI US$ 20,759.

South Korea’s economic freedom score is 70.3 take 34th position of the freest economic in 2013 Index (3) .The strenghthen of fiscal fundamental of economic, high educated labor forces, great potential of innovation  and proactions of enter the free trade pacts have made South Korea become one of the strong economy of Asia.

However the stability and future economic dynamism will be affected by the debates of government’s managing reputation in the free market and  the welfare policies (3).

Specific Industries : (6)


The aid of international investment, the free trade pact and the developing technology, South Korea takes many important field of industry, that draws million citizens to the industrial centers, especially in electronic, ship building, auto mobile and advanced technology as new material and robots.



Religions: no affiliation 46%, Christian 26%, Buddhist 26%, Confucianism 1%, other 1%

Government: Republic

South Korean culture is strongly influenced by Confucian. Socially, the family’s  value is more important than individual’s and the oldest male members in the family take important position of a family. All business relationships usually preferred to have the personal connection, the appearance of the third parties before beginning of a business is crucial. (5)

Close to China and Japan, the language and writing system are affected  and social values, however  it has a strong cultural identity as a individual language family.(5)

South Korea is a small peninsula jutting out the great Asian Continent, but it has many distinct cultural treasure were recognized  by UNESCO(3), mostly was affected by the Chinese but they were developed in Korean characteristics. Image



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