Litre of Light


• Innovation The most innovative part of this design is the use of objects that have literally  no further use.  This open source design movement aims to empower the ones that need help the most.

• Cultural relevance According to the data from the National Statistical Coordination Board, more than one-quarter (27.9%) of the population of Philippines fell below the poverty line.  That is 27.9 % of 96.7 Million people, roughly 28 million people in itself. That is 28 million people living in darkness during the day. Fact of the matter is, there are more people living in slums than there are people that can afford adequate lighting. Providing light to such dark places with minimal expenditure is

• Style/Beauty/Aesthetic

Aesthetically, This product has as much beauty as a piece of rubbish- close to nothing. However, the litre of light is at its peak beauty is when it is being utilized. Purely utilitarian, this product has little to no aesthetic value.

• Design process

An Old plastic bottle filled with water and chlorine. The process of this product is to upscale used products with no further life cycle. A hole is drilled through the clad, corrugated sheet and the bottle is filled with water and chlorine and bracketed on the said hole. Geniously, it is as simple as that.

• What makes the project remarkable?

It re-uses materials, adding another cycle to a once cradle to grave plastic bottle. The main reason why plastic is such a problem is because of its longevity and strength, taking many many many years to break down. This project turns this negative into a positive


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