Philippines Items.



Vito Selma, furniture designer

Cebu, Philippines

Vito Selma is a Celebrated entrepreur and designer hailing from the Phillipines. This range known as ‘Baud’ encompasses and celebrates the relaxed lifestyle of Cebu; seeking inspiration from the form of waves and the island lifestyle.
The pieces are made entirely from wicker; the table contains a clear glass top and the chairs and seating segments contain comfy white bottoms. This piece really resonates with me due to the fact that throughout my childhood I have always interacted with ‘wicker’ made furniture. However it is as if there is a marriage between the oriental materials and the western influenced concepts.

phoenix car

 Kenneth Cobonpue

 Phoenix Car


Made of bamboo and rattan,  along with the nylon and steel, Cobonpue creates a quiet industrial yet stream line but organic in that it is shaped after a leaf. This juxtaposition of organic matter and steel create a contrast leading to not a rather dynamic aesthetic and form, but it also challenges the conventional car design using heavy industrial materials.

Not only does this look crazy aesthetically, the fact that it is biodegradable makes it quiet innovative. It lends itself to different stream of thinking, something that could be explored more in a time when thinking about the repercussions of what we do today is at its most prominent.


 Kenneth Cobonpue

The Cabaret Collection is made of fabric tubes woven on steel framework, resulting in a web pattern. This Weaving fabric-wrapped foam on a steel frame conveys the next generation of the evolving outdoor luxury furniture market. This collection blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living, providing comfort and warmth in both settings.

mind museaum

Mind Museaum.

Lorenzo Calma + Son, Eduardo.


Architect Lorenzo Calma and his son Eduardo held a retrospective exhibit at LRI Plaza. The older Calma showed his minimalist sculpture and jewelry designs while Ed showed models and photographs of his works. Ed’s recent public space, Mind Museum, which opened in March, embodies the organic architecture trend.


A Simple Light Bulb. Solar Light

Manila, Phillipines

Illac Diaz creator of ‘Liter of Light’



This design is essentially a discarded plastic soda bottles filled with water and wedged in a hole cut in the roof. However looking at it with a finer lens, it not only is a makeshift bulb (that is able to give off about 55 watts of light with NO ELECTRICITY INVOLVE), it also repurposes materials. More importantly, waste materials.


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