China Project In Depth: Mountain Band-Aid

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Brief: The mountains of Southern China and the Yunnan Province have been home to the Hmong people for centuries. Recently their traditional way life has become increasingly threatened as industrialisation and mineral extraction has led to the deterioration of the natural landscape which the Hmong rely on for food, housing, and cultural and social structure. Consequently  more and more Hmong societies are migrating to the cities to look for an income. (


Design Intent: In response to this, Chinese designers Yiting Shen, Nanjue Wang, Ji Xia, Zihan Wang developed what they describe as a ‘dual recovery’ sustainable city plan called Mountain Band-Aid. According to the designers, the government is starting to pay more attention to effects the of over mining  in the Yunnan region, but so far any ideas or projects to preserve the natural environment and the human settlements are looked at as separate problems. The Mountain Band-Aid plan…

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