Design Projects – The People’s Republic of China


1. Graft – Quiyung Deng


Graft by Chinese designer Qiyung Deng is a series of disposable table utensils constructed out of plastic. They take on the form of different vegetables in the hope that they make the user consider where the materials have come from – nature. I like the elegance of the vegetable mass combined with the refined, smoothness of the man-made portion of the piece. It creates a great contrast along with the colour variation from one end to the other. 


2. Coral Necklace – Juan Juan Hu


Juan Juan Hu is a Chinese product and jewellery designer who studied design in the UK. Her piece “Coral Necklace” has been short listed for design competitions world wide and won first prize at the “Auditions China” gold jewellery competition in 2011. I really like the structure of the piece as each section reminds me more of chemical…

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