3000BC: First human settlement. The land was inhabited by nomadic cattle herders.

2500BC: The growing of Date Palms. Land was being used for agricultural purposes.

18TH CENTURY: Iron Age in India

16TH CENTURY: European influence began with Portuguese interest in the area’s trade route Kingdom of Kochi is taken over by the Portuguese creating the first European settlement in India

EARLY 20TH CENTURY: Overseas and domestic trade flourished

7TH CENTURY: Dubai land was sustained by fishing and pearl diving. This opened up trade routes to India, Iran, Pakistan and China.

1926: The invention of artificial pearls.

1929: The Great Depression had impact on the International pearl market. From this, Dubai became one of the leading re-export ports in the world.

1965: The discovery of oil.

TODAY: Dubai is known for its successful building projects such as the Buj Al Arab, the Palm Islands and the World Islands.


The Dubai Design District

Dubai Design District will be located adjacent to the Business Bay area of Dubai. It is expected to become a full service commercial hub for design industry-related organizations, brands and supporting enterprises within the value chain. This project aims to further develop/build Dubai’s reputation as a global tourism and retail hub. “It will feature a custom-built creative community that will encompass purpose-built commercial and retail facilities for established and emerging designers, design institutes, waterfront promenade, convention center and event venues and related academic institutions,” the statement added. The district will be managed by TECOM investments, a member of Dubai Holding.


The Water Discus Hotel

What may potentially become the worlds largest underwater hotel, the Water Discus hotel is expected to emerge off the emirate’s coast in the next 5 years. This hotel is designed by Polish company Deep Ocean Technology and is being developed by Swiss firm BIG InvestConsult.


The Atlantic Dubai

The Atlantis Dubai, a $1.5 billion dollar resort and water theme park located in Dubai Jumeriah Palm. Opened in 2008, the resort captures towering arches, arabesque domes and ornate spires. Having 23 floors, the resort comproses 1500 guestrooms and suites. The Atlantis was constructed multinational construction company Laing O’Rourke which operates across around the globe including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and in the Middle East. Its projects range from architecture, transport, power, utilities and waste, oil and gas, and mining and natural resources.


The Majlis Gallery

Since the establishment of The Majlis Gallery, its vision then and now is to support Dubai artists in their exploration and interpretation of the Middle East into visual forms. This gallery consists of a collection of 3D objects along with fine art and furnitures. Over the years, the gallery has hosted many “exhibitions, seminars and cultural events and formed a model for the  study that ultimately led to the restoration of all the remaining buildings in Al Bastakiya, a historical district in Dubai.

Drilled-glass-and-copper-plate-by-Johnathan-Andersson Organic-bronze-table-base-by-Mustafa-Ali

Visual 1: Johnathan Andersson, drilled glass and copper plate

Visual 2: Mustafa Ali, organic bronze table base



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