Future Craft Workshop 2013 (Indonesia)



What is it? 

The Future Craft Workshop is a project initiated by Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) and Himpunan Desainer Mebel Indonesia (HDMI) . The project gathered designers from Singapore, Sweden and Indonesia in order to go on an educational journey to Rempah Rumah Karya in Solo City, Indonesia, popular town for its gifted craftsmen on rattan, ceramics, bamboo, wood and teak. The purpose of this journey was to allow them to learn the traditional Indonesian crafts from the local experts. 



working at the Workshop, Rempah Rumah Karya 


The goal was to encourage new approaches and perspectives towards modern-day design while using traditional Indonesian crafts, and applying contemporary design language while experimenting with natural materials such as teak, bamboo, rattan, recycled wood and ceramic.

What happened next? 

 The designers presented their ‘future craft’ furniture design concepts developed over two days after the workshop, and refined them over a time of three months. The final models were showcased at the 2013 International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS), Asia’s most prestigious furniture trade show.

Designs: craft + future


‘bubu’ bench by lanzavecchia + wai, Italy/Singapore

craft: bubu is inspired by its namesake, an indonesian fish-trap and it is all made of rattan. 

future: reacts to its user’s body weight when sitting on it, allowing him to experience the flexibility of the material. Rattan allows the minimising of support components, allowing the bench to express its playfulness, also encouraged by the various sitting positions one can adopt. 



klop’ side table by Sadhiya Hanindita, Indonesia

craft: use of rattan 

future: combination of rattan with modern materials for contemporary look. Overlapping separate leg modules gives strength to its structure.



‘jammed junction’ by Sean Bunjamin, Indonesia

craft: use of teak as main material and traditional Indonesian form of seat. 

future: legs, backrest, and seating can be disassembled and reassembled easily. using CAD software, a precise plastic copy is printed and then cast in aluminum.



‘kasvava’ by Adhi Nugrana, Indonesia

craft: rattan structures

future: the joint system is an adaptation of how LEGO components are built. The identical U shape rattan structure and the metal joints allows it to be fixed with other similar pieces 
to create different configurations. This way, one can shape the furniture to specific needs: stool, table, bench or create a new form.  Uses a knock-down system, which allows it to be flat packed. 








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