Hong Kong designs





ChargerFrame transforms your electronic landscape into wall art. It is the hub for all your chargers – as you add a device, the picture changes. This active interplay between cables, gadgets and indicator lights is neatly framed and finished off by an energy-efficient master green switch. Hang it, wrap it, lay it and plug it. Hangs portrait and landscape.

ImageThe frame highlights the sophisticated and sometimes chaotic nature of technology and focuses it in a frame. It contrasts the idea of the tangled cables with the organized setting of having the electronic devices kept in one spot. It also bases it’s design on the growing nature of high concentration living areas and the limited space that comes with it.



The Naoloop storage, display, organizer, reminder – A stealth organizing device that binds, carries and displays your important, everyday stuff. naoLoop Loft is a system of naoLoop tension straps fastened to a wall-mounted, steel shield. It goes everywhere – in the bathroom, the living room, the hallway or the work place. Off the ground and out of the way naoLoop Loft fits in all living spaces and offers countless ways to keep you streamlined and on-track. This product and the one above were both designed by the same designers and has a strong influence by space saving and follows a minimalistic, modern and practical designs.


The cookoo watch is designed by a firm located in Hong Kong, which integrates both watch and the packaging as functional products. You can tell much though has been put in to remove the waste that traditional packaging creates by taking out the casing that once would have been thrown out and ending up in landfill. It plays on the design of the clock where the bird would fly out and make a ‘cookoo’ sound when it hits the hour and gives a joyful take on the product. A durable material has been used to create the casing to protect the watch during distribution but also (as described in the description) to be hanged and work as a bird feeder.


I chose this product because I believe product packaging does play a big part in selling a product and shows the level of thought a designer puts in. This can be seen with Apple products with the level of precision used to make the snug fit when opening and closing the exterior box, creating the sense of refinement and quality. The cookoo container not only appeals to the experience of the overall product but provides a new take on mitigating waste.

Bendit sled is another design from Envary, creating an organic, free flowing sled design manipulating a material in a way that is very contemporary and appealing. This ‘snow rider’ uses sustainable materials and processes to create the abstract shape from bent sheets of beech wood. The design demonstrates the possibilities of modern processes to create new ways of obtaining the look desired without having to resorting to non renewable materials such as plastic or ones that have a lasting effect on the environment when disposed of. The benefits of wood is that, if properly managed, it can be never ending while perhaps even being advantageous throughout growing. The sled’s construction of shifted, tapered veneer (compressed in a mould) makes differing variations of material thickness possible, shouldering all kinds of tough performance requirements. The ergonomically shaped seating area provides optimal hold for the user, while the s-curved sections support overall balance and cushioning suspension. The rubber covered leash empowers easy pulling and enables users to maintain precise control for downhill rides of varying difficulty.


Micro wind turbine. Hong Kong is a densely populated city as many others are, and now the need for clean energy is becoming evermore present. A group of researchers, designers and engineers have teamed up to create a micro wind turbine suitable for rural and urban environments. The product is able to generate electricity even at slow wind speeds and currently costs $150 each but is expected to be cheaper if mass produced. I chose this product because it is only a matter of time where households shift towards individual power generation as pollution in areas such as cities become too toxic and detrimental to the health of humans.


The Obsideon pod gives a new take on airport furniture on what is generally a chaotic and stressful period. The pod creates a refuge for passengers to relax in their own enclosed space where it gives cocoon to feel comfortable in. Through my experience in airports, passengers will often find seats away from other people even if it is further away from where they want to be just to maintain the sense of privacy, however the pod isn’t stationary so it can be relocated next to other pods.



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