1500BC: The invasion of the Aryans (They inhabited the northern regions for about 700 years)

500BC: The invasion of the Persians.

Mid 1800’s: The construction of a railway line between Karachi and Punjab by the British engineers. Kilm-baked bricks were discovered along the path of the tracks.

1920s:  The Harappa city and Mohenjodaro city was discovered.

Fresh Paper

Designed by Indian-American Kavita Shukla, this product design aims to improve the lives of those living in a less developed region and also be effective to places where access to refrigerators is limited. This design help keep fresh food for a longer period. It is simple, low-tech and very affordable for buyers. The designer herself looked into this design concept when she came across an old remedy after accidentally drinking dirty tap water  in India.


INDEX-Award-2013-Fenugreen-FreshPaper-Crate-537x357 FreshPaper12.jpg.662x0_q100_crop-scale

The DC Imperator SUV

Dilip Chhabria, an Indian automobile designer and founder of DC Design. In 2006, he announced DCStar, a combination/collaboration of Eximstar and Dilip Chhabria Design Pvt Ltd. The company, located in India, customizes automotive vehicles to suit customers’ requirements. The DC Imperator SUV is an off-roader vehicle that draws its attention through its curvaceous and sensual form as oppose to a typical SUV. It comes with an AV entertainment centre and indicual displays for every seat.The car takes inspiration from the Ferrari Enzo.


The Katran collection 

Sarthak Sahil Design Co, founded in 2009 by two designers Sahil Bagga and Sarthak Sengupta, combines the use of Indian craftsmanship and materials to add life in contemporary spaces. The Katran Collection weaves ethics, ethnicity and ecology with contemporary culture together. These furniture pieces consists of left over colorful cloth pieces that is then spun into ropes and sold for the purpose of weaving traditional day beds. They are handmade and brought to life by the interactions between various actors in the system.


Tron watch

Industrial Designer Abhinac Sapke came up with a concept for a watch that is inspired by science fiction film Tron: Legacy. Tron environment, products and costumes on the film set was all taken into account.


The Kochi-Muziris Biennale

Daniel Connell’s public art for the Kochi Biennale made worldwide headllines when it opened in 2012. Cornell’s experience in India resulted him staying there for a number of years. The act of drawing or painting portraits on walls in India is very common. Walls are commonly reserved for images of politicians, actors and other figures with some high levels of authority. Daniel Connell’s mural extends the same level of dignity and respect to locals such as Achu’s tea shop employees and other local residents.



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