India has the second largest population, coming in second to China, of 1.21 billion. They have a relatively strong economy with a GDP ppp of 4,515 billion US dollars, the third largest in the world after USA and China. However when you look at this in regards to their GDP per capita ppp, which is 3,700 US dollars, they are the 127th richest in world. This shows how poverty there is in India and that there is a stark difference between the wealthy and the poor.

The major industries of India are textiles, chemicals, food processing, steel, cement, mining, petroleum and software. India has one of the largest labour forces in the world the majority of which is agricultural as only 28% of the population lives in an urban environment.

The major ethnic groups of India are Indo-Aryan, Dravidian and Mongolian. Indo-Aryan people are the main ethnic group; they are the group that is mainly associated as being “Indian”. Dravidian people mainly populate the southern parts of India and speak Dravidian. The Religions that are represented in India are Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Buddhism. Hinduism is the main religion in India it was created India and in embedded in their culture. Many of the holidays and festivals in India stem from Hinduism.

Hinduism does not however just effect holidays and festivals; it has reached all areas of the Indian culture. It is present in the architecture, art and clothing. However Indian culture is not all of ancient origin, when talking about Indian culture Bollywood is a standout feature.

India is not an altogether liberal state, it still has quite conservative views on homosexuality, woman’s rights and abortion.

Some of the major historical miles stones of India include their independence from British rule in 1947. This was brought about with the help of Mahatma Gandhi and nationwide protests. From the independence of India also brought about major unrest between the Hindu and Islamic populations. This has continued though to present day, although much lessoned. Some of the events that have transpired due to this unrest are 3 wars from 1947-1971 and more recently the 2008 Mumbai bombing.


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