Indonesia Project 8: Inch Furniture and PIKA Carpentry School Collaboration

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Designer: Collaboration between furniture designers Inch, and woodwork school PIKA in Semarang, Indonesia.

Project:  “In the design field, cultural exchange is of paramount concern. That’s where we see the possibility to make a contribution to the school’s development by means of our specialist skills and our experience as product designers. Through lectures, workshops and projects on the subjects of ecology, innovation and design, we support PIKA in terms of a know-how transfer. There is also a close collaboration with the craftsmen and workshop leaders, work processes are discussed and refined on-site, innovative construction and treatment methods are developed and implemented jointly.”

Why I like it: It’s difficult for furniture designers to compete with major manufactures as they are producing large quantities of products and selling them for a very cheap price by exploiting cheap labor in developing countries. This is usually made possible at the expense of the workers. Inch Follow the…

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