Japan is an island nation situated in the Pacific Ocean to the east of the Sea of Japan. It’s an archipelago made up of 6,852 islands with 80% of the population living on the main island of Honshu. Possessing the world’s tenth largest population of 126 million people, its capital Tokyo and surrounding prefectures also hold the crown of having the largest populated metropolitan area with 30 million residents.  Due to the highly mountainous and forested terrain, the majority of the population inhabits the coastline.

Although insignificant in land mass, Japan has the third largest economy in the world with a nominal GDP of $5.15 trillion. Key exports are transportation equipment, motor vehicles, electronics, electrical machinery and chemicals exported to predominantly China, The United States, South Korea and Taiwan.

Seeing that Japan lacks natural resources it’s not surprising that they are one of the most efficient users of fossil fuels…

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