Lusail City


In 2006, Lusail Real Estate Development Company (LREDC) began creating Lusail Development, a 38-km² site that is 15 km north of Doha, the capital of Qatar.

A Eco-city and smart city:

The priority of Lusail city is to design and build sustainable city. The whole city system are well designed,

  • Primary infrastructure
    • 21.5 km of roads and highways, including one bridge and five underpasses
    • 39.5 km of pipes for potable water firefighting
    • 34.1 km of stormwater drainage and five pumping stations
    • 36.8 km of irrigation channels
    • 518,000 m² of hard landscaping and 409,000 m² of soft landscaping
    • 40.5 km of 66-kV cables and 69.9 km of 11-kV cables
    • Three 66/11-kV substations and twelve 11/0.4-kV substations
    • 1,048 lampposts
    • 42.4 km of telecommunications cables
    • 14 km of utility tunnels

The aim of the development is to provide a high quality, well planned and sustainable extension of the city, attractive to tourists, future residents and businesses. The project as a whole will generate significant economic diversification and strengthen the tourism sector, which in turn will create great opportunities within Qatar and further afield.

Reflection: I think Lusail city is a example of future city everything is strictly planed and then all in one go. This remind me some differences between Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney is the oldest city in Australia, it has some 200 years of history from a convict settlement to a modern city. In the early development of Sydney, due to the gold rush the expansion of Sydney is really fast but lack to plan or design, (what I imagine how people in that age build things is like “Oh this place looks nice lets build a bank or something”) and I think that is the reason why the roads in Sydney are just a mess and it is easy to get lost (As my opinion). But in Melbourne, the city are well designed, people will never lost because all the street are straight. What I want to say is that the future is to design the system of the city.



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