Pakistan- Deeyah

Deeyah is a music producer, composer, film maker and human rights activist. Her family were Punjabi imagrants and now live in Norway. Because she was born in Norway she has more opotunity than most Pakistani women to express her views on the state of Pakistan. One of her projects is Banaz a love story.


Another one of her projects is ‘Echoes of Indus’ by Ashraf Sharif Khan

“South Asian classical music is a unique synthesis of Hindu and Muslim traditions, an expression of peace, devotion and love that transcends the distinctions of caste, creed, religion and language.

In Pakistan today, due to regressive and reactionary religious orthodoxy, modernization, apathy and lack of support for traditional classical music and its artists, it is becoming less and less viable for the keepers of this musical tradition to transmit the artform.  Younger generations are discouraged from involving themselves in preserving and developing this tradition.  Caught between the upheaval of globalised culture and the puritan anti-culturalism of religious fundamentalists, the rich and unique heritage of traditional music in Pakistan is in danger of extinction. This tragic loss is exacerbated by the disreputable status of music as a vocation in Pakistani society.”



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