Pakistan is the 6th most densely population country it has a population of 178.9 million in only 796,095 square km. Their national wealth relatively low compared to India with a GDP is 231 billion US dollars and their GDP per capita is 2491.27 US dollars.

The major industries in Pakistan are textile, cement, agriculture, fertilizer, steel, tobacco, edible oil, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, shrimp, sugar, food processing, chemicals and machinery. There are many different ethnic groups that makeup Pakistan that have their own languages and cultures. The map bellow that shows the areas that these groups inhabit. The major groups are Sindhi and Punjabi.


Pakistan is a strongly Islamic country and holds the values if Islam incredibly highly. The major conflicts between India’s are a result of the difference in religion and an underrepresentation of the separate groups. These conflicts have greatly affected Pakistan along with the independence from British rule in 1956. For most of the history of Pakistan there has been military rule, this year was the first time that they have had a civil government that has served a full 5 year term and transferred power in a democratic election.  They have also had serious natural disasters of flooding.

I find Pakistan incredibly interesting because it is a religious state; this interests me as I find the way a religion shapes a culture really interesting. I am also interested in the mainly hostile relationship between Pakistan and India.


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