Part 2: Philippines Design Projects

1.) E-rike Eletric Vehicle

  • 3 wheeled eletric vehicle
  • Design Contest by the Department of Energy to design an E-trike for public transportation. A three wheeled electric VehicleGenerate 2D and 3D computer-aided drawings of the best aesthetic and functional design fro the future Philippine E-trike look. And showcase modern Tricycle innovation

2.) Retractable Concept Printer

Conceptual Printer that accommodates different sizes of media/ papers.

Portable and battery operated, designed by Neilson Navarrete.

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3.) Some Design Projects of Armin Magat Lopez

Armin is a highly innovative product designer in the home consumer product industry.

Armin’s design approach comes from his varied artistic background. He
incorporates abstract modern geometric forms that he championed as an
honored graduate in Architecture merged with a soft organic handcrafted
appeal inspired from growing up as a skilled artisan in his native Philippines.

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