Challenges and Opportunities in Contemporary Participatory Design

After reading this article, I began understand the key aspect towards this topic. The article talks about how the people demanded an increase say in decisions that affected many different aspect of their lives. The aim of this participatory design were to support users and enable them to use their skill while avoiding any unnecessary negative constraints towards their work task. User participation within information and communication technology is widely practiced through mock-ups and prototyping.

The writer talks about how Participatory design are always driven by ongoing reflection on how to involve users as full partners in design and how this involvement can unfold throughout the design process. Active participants needs to define participatory design because they are to design the future they wish to live, then those whose futures are affected must actively participate in the develop processes, tools, and methods. Participatory design is all about involving the people who understand the practices and environments where new products and services will be used, as active participant’s means that the process and its outcome are more likely to be accepted and sustained. In this sense I can relate to Taiwan participatory design role. Taiwan as we know it is the world’s largest PET producers, but this had a huge effects on the environment. The people there are trying to cope with all the plastic waste they have generated. Due to this situation a design firm call MINIWIZ has involved and participated in using the waste Taiwan had produced and creating a sustainable pavilion called EcoARK out of recycled POLLIBRICK. These are the changes that can genuinely improve the quality and acceptance of future systems and that drive the design of better systems in the future. 


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