Week 8 Homework – Article 2, The Future of the Human Spirit

‘The Future of the Human Spirit’ discusses the influence of designers in politics. 

After reading this article I began to think about how designers are ‘really’ integrated into the world we live in, past and present. The writer implied that designers are at the centre spectrum for social, political, technological and environmental change, whether your specialty is product design, service design or a code writer.

Designers in a position of political power I believe would work, drawing from the article the writer tells the reader more than one that all designers are considering the future more and more in all aspects of their designs and therefore become heavier forward thinkers. For example; Jamie Lerner, who had a background in architecture and town planing was elected mayor three times in Curitiba, Brazil. From 1971 carried out hundreds of projects ranging from a new more efficient bus transport system to, a 100% recycled plastic toy making factory. I believe this is prime example of how designers when in political power get a lot done, just look at Japan, Korea, Singapore and China where designers are highly regard as influential figures for change.


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