East Timor/Hong Kong

  1. The lack of economic stability that plagues East Timor creates a lack of opportunity in the design/manufacturing sector. With an extremely high unemployment rate, even small businesses are enough to stimulate a micro economy. I believe until unemployment drops and literacy levels rise, East Timor will struggle to become competitive in design fields, especially in R&D as with many other third-world countries.

  2. Hong Kong is a model city when it comes to economic strength and the output it has in breakthrough technologies throughout the globe. With the highest IQ of any other nation, Hong Kong has the ability to produce class-leading designs. However I think that the city is limited to its small land mass so won’t become independent in its own manufacturing of products as seen with businesses only able to open small factories due to its mountainous terrain.


 3. East Timor’s close relativity to Australia in terms of geography has meant that Australia has become one of the biggest influences on the small island nation in the modern era. Through support during the conflict to becoming major trading partners, Australia and East Timor benefit each other through its close relations.

 4. East Timor has a rich cultural history with its background of colonisation by the Portuguese that has ultimately influenced Christianity to be the most popular religion. Being highly spiritual and superstitious, the Timorese will often decorate their homes with artworks of Jesus or similar persons of interest.


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