Gridlock in China


“Much more effort and resources must be put into important areas such as smart roads, smart-efficient vehicles, parking and public transport.”

“With mobility comes freedom and progress.” Famous words by a famous man. If only Henry Ford could see the implications of his legacy today. With an estimated 850 million cars on the road worldwide and expected to grow to between 2-4 billion by 2050, it is no small wonder that many parts of the world are in constant gridlock. Nowhere is the situation more dire than in China. In 2010 a traffic jam of 100km took 11 days to clear. 11 days! Here, we get frustrated if our commute takes more than an hour. In parts of China, many journeys that should take no longer than 2 hours are routinely taking up 30 hours. People travel with supplies of food, water and board games. They walk around outside among…

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