“Design For Flood”

“Thai government should think and design about having an early-warning system that would give operators two to three months’ advance notice of flood risk based on weather patterns and water movement north of the area.”


During the raining season in Thailand, people use to suffer from flood for long times and also it might affect their economic growth and quality of society. The flood in 2011 Bangkok, some oversea investors decided to reopen their factories outside Thailand after they had a meeting with local government. Also, they mentioned that why Thai government does not spend more budgets and time on building flood prevention system like Japan or South Korea. Therefore, TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Centre) invited Thai designers have a “Design for Flood” exhibition, which shows Thai people positive attitude and creative ideas. However, those designs do not focus on the prevention.




One of Thai designer created a water monitoring system, which is looks like a metal box with signal receiver bar. The designer mention that this concept can receive alarm of high water level in high flood risk of rivers and then after flood department get notice, they will press through televisions and let people know. Is it too slow for notice? There are some parts, which can be improved. Initially, the water monitoring system should send alarm when water level increases sharply or near light flood level.  Also, it should connect with television press and some media system to warm people directly.


Another product is floating public toilet, which provide toilet space for people during flood. It is good that providing public toilet but where is dejection going? If dejection goes through the floodwater, it might cause infectious diseases. So, it needs to think about where is dejection going and rebuild it again that will be more useful for people.



Why Thailand does not build auto-early water system or they can cooperate with other developed countries? Actually, Thai government did offer a competition of water system management form other countries in early 2013 and they choose four winner teams to build up new flood prevention system. Moreover, Thai government cut down the price to 6.1 billion baht from the original offers so it is quit difficult because Korea Water Resource cooperation will give two contracts worth total of 163 billion baht for floodway construction. Also, this plan will start from following years.


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