future architecture design style

‘The architecture design in South Korea- ARC river culture pavilion brings a positive impact to the world that shows a powerful formal statement that combines nature, technology and space, it is an advanced process and international trend in future design.’

The River Culture Pavilion is a multimedia pavilion located in Daegu, South Korea, which is at the forefront of immersive video technology. As we know, good architecture should be physically arranged to provide the best shelter and comfort possible. Furthermore, it should also transmit values, ideas, thoughts and desires.

A bowl-shaped structure clad in ETFE plastic pillows will appear to visitors eyes and it gives a quilted texture and silvery color to the exterior walls which is a very impressive looking from outside. The bold curved form of the ARC is perched on a peninsula that juts into the river and surrounded by an awe-inspiring natural environment. The building is a strong focal point set against a stunning panoramic landscape. Moreover, The architecture enables the visitor’s experience to be an alternating play between a ‘real’ experience of the water, sky and landscape that surrounds the building, and a virtual experience as presented through multimedia, This experience culminates on the roof where a large reflecting pond reflects the sky and an observation terrace enables the visitor to overlook the site and its natural surroundings from yet another perspective.


In addition, New York studio Asymptote has designed a faceted performing arts centre for South Korea that references the curved rooftops of ancient Buddhist temples and pavilions. Proposed for a site that connects the city of Sejong with a park and river, the Sejong Center for Performing Arts is designed by Asymptote as an asymmetric building accommodating a grand auditorium, a small theatre and a cinema. Furthermore, the new Kaohsiung Marine Gateway Terminal designed by Asymptote is a new state of the art transportation interchange, an urban destination with both terminal and public facilities including exhibition and event spaces for the people of Kaohsiung as well as for national and international visitors.


From more and more architecture designs, the combination with nature, technology, space and culture was warmly welcomed in architecture design and also going to be an international trend in future designs.


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