climate is a double sword in Thailand

‘The climate in Thailand plays as a double side sword, which contribute a unique style of traditional architecture designs but also against the local agriculture.’


Thailand climate is controlled by tropical monsoons and the weather in Thailand is generally hot and humid across most of the country throughout most the year. Due to this special climate, Thailand achieved a unique traditional architecture design style and it was welcomed by the world.

The basic Thai house of the past, rarely seen today was simple structure of bamboo and thatch, raised off the ground for protection against floods and wild animals. One practical feature of the Thai house is the ease with which it can be assembled or taken down.  The entire house is built in light, pre-fabricated sections with each section forming a wall. In former time, the fact that the house could be taken down and re-assembled with relative ease was well suited to the indigenous way of life. While flood season coming, the house would be taken down, stacked on a raft and gloated down above the water to a new location. 

Image   Image

Due to the terrible flood, Thailand’s architectures accumulated a lot of experienced about how to transform the house to suit this changeable climate and they also keep trying and thinking better designs to make life a lot easier and happier. However, Thailand also faces threat of climate change against local agriculture.  According to researchers, severe flooding and drought throughout the region could reduce agricultural yields by up to 50% in the next three decades. In 2010, Thailand experienced $450 million in crop damage due to a severe drought. The following year, flooding decimated rice crops, causing $40 billion in damage throughout the country’s economy. Through the striking data, Thailand should take some actions to prevent the disasters happen.  For instance, Thailand could build terraced fields on the highland as china did when drought, and build dams near the klong to make sure that flood is stoppable.

Image  Image

It is very impressive that Thailand considered climate as an element to their architecture design and its design is very useful and featured social conditions but they should also think about the agriculture issues and start to take some actions as other countries did.



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